Where Am I on Executive Functioning? CcRAFTS* for Learning!
After almost 7 months of reviewing and posting text excerpts from experts in Executive Functioning, I arrived at a set of learning skills** recommended to help kids become more successful independent learners.

Give kids choices about what they will learn!

Teach kids the vocabulary of learning through explanation and demonstration of “cognitive” verbs.

Encourage kids to become learners who approach learning in an active way.

Provide the scaffolding that supports success at each step in the learning process.

Provide sufficient and timely feedback.

Encourage and facilitate the reflection that will lead to analysis and implementation of what works and doesn’t work.

Make transfer the endpoint of each goal!

Use CcRAFTS as a memory aid: (*Too hard to remember CVASFRT)

**This list might not seem like much after such a big investment of time, but I try to synthesize my reading so that I can hold on to the most useful ideas.