I am in the process of picking up once again on the relationship between oral language and reading.  Here is an interesting post on a school sponsored-parent based approach to reading centered in dialogue between parent and child as they read together.


In the following two weeks I am going to review some work on “dialogue” and its relationship to learning and learning to read.

My next post will focus on a recent text on “Comprehension Through Conversation” 2006 by Maria NIchols.  That will be followed by a review of “Beyond Retelling”, Talking Their Way Into Science, Talking Like an Historian, and the “Literate Potential of Collaborative Talk.”

There are so many texts and articles that address the oral language/reading connections: Concept Oriented Reading Instruction, Reciprocal Teaching, Questioning the Author, to name a few popular ones that address comprehension.

Equally important are texts and articles that address the relationship between oral language skills and phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling.