Back again.  I haven’t stopped reading and talking and thinking about early literacy and the achievement gap.  I just had not  figured out what I want to post on this blog.  But, I’ve created an outline (much as I would if I were teaching or taking a “course.”   I need to know where I’m going if I have any hope of getting there.  So, here it is (below).  I’m going to introduce the topics today and then continue on subsequent posts to expand and update the topics.

Blog:  7 questions about learning to read and reading to learn

Who, Why, What, When, Where, How, And So?….

Who:  Students and Contributors of research, models/frameworks, ideas; Appliers–in context–teachers, specialists (including librarians), co-learners, and last-but-no-least- parents)

Why:  Because I care deeply about struggling readers, see reading as their ticket into the larger world of learning, know too many children struggle, and believe that we can close the achievement gap regardless of the reasons for the gap.

What: Loving Reading,

and the Components of Reading

*Oral Language Development and Pragmatics

*Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Spelling


*Processes and terminology for learning to read and reading to learn:

Teacher Transparency; Student Executive Function and Choice

*Comprehension: Meaning, Content, and Task (in context)

When:  Infancy to Grade 5; school focus: preschool, K-2, 3-5

Where:  Everywhere, starting at home and expanding into the classroom and the wider world—off and online

How: Principles of Learning and Instruction

Articulated Principles

Sequencing Instruction

Integration of Components


Formative Assessment

So?  Something else to think about or do!

So, if I’ve missed any topics, please let me know.