I have recently finished reading two books on early reading skills which I highly recommend to preschool teachers, classroom teachers, literacy specialists, and parents.  Both are by authors with a strong history on language/literacy learning.

Marion Blank’s text:  The Reading Remedy: Six Essential Skills (Jossey Bass, 2006) offers research and experienced-based ideas on how to help young learners with reading skills, offering both new and specific instructional ideas.  She highlights the issue of helping kids to see and “read” all of the phonemes/sounds in a word, along with addressing the issue of making reading meaningful.

Isabel Beck has produced a wealth of teacher-friendly instructional ideas, for example Rich Instruction and Questioning the Author.  In this text she collaborates with her son, Mark Beck, a school-based reading specialist.  “Making Sense of Phonics” (Guilford Press, 2013) offers clearly presented, research-based information, complemented by wonderful anecdotes about children they have worked with, as well as clearly explained instructional ideas.  The instructional ideas are simple, clearly mapped out, and sensible!

Hope you check them out, find them useful, and share these resources.   If you do, would love comments.